AMLD 2020

At the Applied Machine Learning Days AMLD in January 2020, D ONE was present with the fully booked workshop «NLPeasy - Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data» hosted by our Consultants Jacqueline Stählin and Philipp Thomann.

Three years ago, the Swiss community of data and AI aficionados has gained a new place to gather: Applied Machine Learning Days in Lausanne. It is a conference about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and aims to cover those topics from two angles, industry and academia. Like this, it manages to attract people from diverse backgrounds, paving the ground for fruitful discussions and business matchmaking.

This year, Microsoft’s Christopher Bishop and Swiss Re’s Jeffrey Bohn were giving their latest take on ML and AI in their keynote speeches. Apart from those sessions on the main stage, content is delivered in talk tracks of different focus. Though less polished, those talks are given by peers from specific fields, thus they can be of even more relevance to the regular attendee.

A challenge track, sort of a mini-Hackathon, was also included in the program. On the last day, one floor of the Swisstech convention centre was taken over by start ups. At the fair, they could present their innovative work and meet talents and investors.

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