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Insights of the Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp with Dan LinstedtDan Linstedt @ D ONEMerry ChristmasPatrick Buck joins D ONE’s Management TeamTableau zum Anfassen 28. November 2018Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp and certification with Dan Linstedt by D ONETableau Conference Europe/London 3.-5. Juli 2018Strata Conference New York 11. September 2018Tableau zum Anfassen 19. September 2018Start up Winji in der NZZTableau zum Anfassen 31. Oktober 2018Noch weitere Awards für 50-Jahre-Hitparade!The 6th Swiss Conference on Data ScienceHWZ Yea(h)rbook 2017 FachbeitragArtificial Intelligence in Claim ManagementSDS2018 - with D ONEStrata Londoninside-it 9. Mai 2018Save the Date: common sense18/01Best of Swiss Web: Gold, Silber & Bronze!Tableau zum Anfassen 16. Januar 2018Topological sorting and the ETL process

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SDS2019 brings together opinion-leaders, practitioners, decision-makers and researchers with interest in Data Science.
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