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June 19, 2024 –– Growing Together Breakfast: Red TeamingD Academy: Premium teaching platform of D ONEcommonsense 23/01: Generative AI in three perspectiveCommon sense 20/01: Two Cases from the insurance industrycommonsense 19/01: Banking - Two Casescommonsense 18/01: "Agility on Banking" and "Startup Skunk Sports"commonsense 17/02: "Machine decisions" and "Digitize the data store"commonsense 17/01: "Advanced analytics in health insurance" and "Renewable energies"commonsense 16/02: "E-Bike Sharing" and "Transformed The Way One Health Insure"commonsense 16/01: "Applied Behavioral Economics" and "Data Driven Ad-Campaigns"commonsense 15/01: "Business Practitioner's Guide to Big Data" and "Data Stories"14/0113/0213/0112/0212/01