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La Mobilière:
AI is like the horns in Mozart: an indispensable and integrated part

Talk in German

Horns in Mozart add important colour to the concert. This does not mean that you hear them. Quite the contrary: you will consciously detect the relevance of the horns only when they are missing (or the musicians don’t reach the right note). This is similar for AI: immensely helpful when perfectly integrated in business processes but no longer particularly fancy. This could be a summary of the view at La Mobilière, one of the older insurance companies in Switzerland: the key success factors for adoption are the management of the impact on mindsets, culture and the way of working. In the noise of the AI hype, this message is sometimes drowned out.

In this talk, Jérôme, a passionate horn player himself, will illustrate his approach with two implemented use cases and discuss the outlook for AI at La Mobilière.

Jérôme Koller, Head Data & Analytics, La Mobilière

Swiss Re:
Smart Analytics at Swiss Re's Asset Management

Talk in English

New analytics methods are leading towards widespread changes in the re/insurance industry and affecting everything from product distribution to operations and risk handling. What is more, in the investment space finding alpha has always required asset managers to ‘raise the bar’ in terms of technology. At Swiss Re, a managed innovation strategy based on clear business use cases is enabling development of the key capabilities required to lead the industry in the application of big data and smart analytics.

In this talk, Sofia will explain how the function of Smart Analytics was set up for the Asset Management division and will present use cases in the area of market and research analytics.

Sofia Kyriakopoulou, Head of Smart Analytics, Swiss Re AM

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