Unchain your (Data-)Heart

D ONE with PAX: Data Migration from SAP BW to Databricks

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Making Sense of Data is the Winning Competence in all Industries.

We Make Sense

«Making sense of data is the winning competence in all industries.»

We build D ONE with the belief that every company will be a data company. Since our beginnings, we help our clients to make sense of their data and generate value.

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is propelled by the integration of sophisticated algorithms, the proliferation of smart devices, and the continuous improvements in cloud-based computational power and storage. AI, in turn, is at the heart of and driving the digital transformation across industries.

Business Consulting

Our consultants guide clients through the entire journey towards becoming a data-driven enterprise.

From laying out the roadmap and ideating use cases, all the way to managing the transformation and cultural change and building the capabilities together with the client's team.

Data Architecture

Effective data architecture is crucial for comprehending and managing data flows within an organization, enabling analytics use cases, and preventing escalating costs over time. We assist our clients in developing a data strategy, navigating enterprise requirements, and understanding the key technology drivers.

Data Management

Managing the data supply chain is a first priority in any data-driven company.

Our world-class experts are helping organizations deal with their most demanding data integration and data modelling challenges.

Working with structured or unstructured data, on premise or in the cloud, our clients achieve more out of their data with our automated metadata-driven development framework.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

What would you do if you had an unlimited number of interns analyzing your data? This question highlights the immense value of both artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Whether you call it AI, predictive analytics, or data science, the possibilities are endless.

Our experts will support you from the ideation phase all the way through to the implementation and operationalization of state-of-the-art AI and machine learning algorithms.

Data Experience

Insights from data only make an impact when they reach and are understood by the right person – moving from in-memory to in-mind. Effective communication is essential for this.

We call this discipline "Data Experience." It encompasses both business report design and the creation of clear and compelling data stories.

Visualization is a crucial element in business understanding and communication, covering areas such as visual concepts, visual language, and storytelling.