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Blogpost 240709 SIX Data AI Horizons
The future of banking with data and AI - key insights from SIX Data&AI Horizons
Databricks Data AI Summit 2023 Four Key Takeaways from Action IQ
Moving from SAP BW to Databricks - Live from the DATA+AI Summit in San Francisco
IMG 7946
First place at Zurich Company Triathlon
PXL 20240610 180851184
We're at the Data+AI Summit in San Francisco!
Blogpost 240611 Care Link
Helping Carelink help out
Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 12 12 33
New Microsoft Fabric Series on D Academy
Screenshot 2024 06 04 at 14 31 39
Geospatial Data Science on D Academy
SDS2024 News
SDS2024 - Thanks to everyone who made it possible!
Thanos 1716978341974
Thanos Gkinakos in the “Data Expert 40 Powerlist"
Blogpost 2405624 MS Fabric
Microsoft Fabric Workshop: Full House
Blogpost 240522 Uphill Conf
Key insights from UphillConf 2024
Blogpost 240514 Academy KI
D Academy: Künstliche Intelligenz Verstehen
Screenshot 2024 07 23 at 13 23 11
Lineup for Leaders Track @ SDS
Blogpost 240507 Swiss Viz Jury
Swiss Viz Award Jury @ D ONE Office
Blogpost 240423 First Aid
First Aid Training for the Offices
Blogpost 240422 Poseidon Marathon
We ran the Poseidon Half Marathon :)
Blogpost 240412 Data Cloud Day
Talk @ Google Data Cloud Live: Athens
Blogpost 240403 Data Intelligence Day
Data Intelligence Days - introducing a Data Platform
Herlock BG
Innovationsschub in Anwaltskanzleien durch Startup
Swiss Viz Comp 23 c Simone Frischknecht
D ONE initiiert SwissViz
X-Mas: A Closer Look at Stories
GT-Conference Keynote: Thomas Zurbuchen
GT-Conference Keynote: Michael Jacobides
GT-Conference Talk: Zhamak Dehghani
First institutional investor is joining WinJi!
TensorFlow Session
Machine learning for production
AMLD 2022, EPFL Lausanne
Data Visualization: Snowstorm in Athens
Athens Marathon
X-Mas 2021: Winter Wonderland
Building a Data Vault using dbtvault with google BigQuery
Von Daten zum Business Value - Workshop von D ONE und Dataiku
D ONE Greece
Real-Time Tracking of Swiss Covid-19 Cases
D ONE is on Medium
Merry Christmas
SDS2020 goes online
Team Meetings & Team Apero @Home
AMLD 2020
Merry Christmas
Primetime AI
When data makes the difference
Making NLP easy
Shaping the Data Age Together: SDS 2019
D ONE with 3 talks at SDS
Insights of the Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp with Dan Linstedt
Dan Linstedt @ D ONE
Merry Christmas
Patrick Buck joins D ONE’s Management Team
Tableau zum Anfassen 28. November 2018
Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp and certification with Dan Linstedt by D ONE
Tableau Conference Europe/London 3.-5. Juli 2018
Strata Conference New York 11. September 2018
Tableau zum Anfassen 19. September 2018
Start up Winji in der NZZ
Tableau zum Anfassen 31. Oktober 2018
Noch weitere Awards für 50-Jahre-Hitparade!
The 6th Swiss Conference on Data Science
HWZ Yea(h)rbook 2017 Fachbeitrag
Artificial Intelligence in Claim Management
SDS2018 - with D ONE
Strata London
inside-it 9. Mai 2018
Save the Date: common sense18/01
Best of Swiss Web: Gold, Silber & Bronze!
Tableau zum Anfassen 16. Januar 2018
Topological sorting and the ETL process