commonsense 19/01: Banking - Two Cases

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Credit Suisse:
Key Success Factors in Building Up an Analytics and Data Science Function

Talk in English

Despite the significant investments made in the space of big data, analytics and data science, the majority of programs and initiatives in this space fail to live up to its promises and expectations beyond the PoC stage.

In this talk, Tanvi Singh outlines the key success factors behind building and scaling a successful data science team and managing a broad portfolio of projects with 50+ use cases. She also provides insights into how she and her team continuously innovate and work on new ideas in a sandbox setup.

Tanvi Singh, Managing Director and Head of Analytics & Data Science at Credit Suisse’s Compliance organization

Julius Bär:
Charting the Audit Function of the Future

Talk in English

Digital auditing capitalizes on two mega trends: big data and cost efficiency (“do more with less”). In this talk, Milica Lazic offers an overview how Group Internal Audit at Julius Bär is implementing its digital strategy and how digital auditing is increasing audit effectiveness and efficiency with a structured and scalable approach.

Milica will cover the agile transformation of the internal audit function and will highlight the key enablers and challenges in the journey towards data-driven auditing, while also providing examples of how analytics is providing new insights to the organisation.

Milica Lazic, Head of Business Audit and Analytics at Julius Bär Group

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