commonsense 18/01: "Agility on Banking" and "Startup Skunk Sports"

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Going all-in on agility – How Credit Suisse is addressing complexity in data projects

Talk in German

Many data projects fail to deliver their promised value. This may be due to a variety of factors: underestimating complexity, lacking vision, not generating buy-in or misinterpreting user requirements - to name but a few. A lot of organisations shift to agile project methodologies in order to succeed, but then have the unpleasant realisation that what works in software projects does not necessarily carry over to the data world.

Hansjürg Lusti will explain how Credit Suisse is addressing complexity in one of its data projects and how going all-in on agility is helping to deliver value out of data, with a disciplined and scalable approach that resembles an assembly line. Hansjürg will cover the agile transformation and highlight the key enablers in the bank's journey towards data-driven value creation.

Hansjürg Lusti, Management and Business Information Solutions - Head Change and Platforms, Swiss Universal Bank Finance, Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

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Skunk Sports: FIFA stats for the masses – How a Zurich-based startup is democratizing soccer player stats

Talk in English

Data has hit the sports world big time. Soccer has seen a surge in data analytics that is driven by new technologies. Elite sports teams have their own analytical teams digging for a competitive advantage. Some of the new technology trickles down to semi-pro teams. But what about amateur players?

Philip Shemella presents how Skunk Sports allows amateur soccer players to track their performance like a pro, but at an affordable price. Philip will discuss how to push through technical challenges with data and algorithms, and how to create an experience that is both simple to use and strong on data science.

Dr. Philip Shemella, Co-founder of Skunk Sports AG

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