commonsense 17/02: "Machine decisions" and "Digitize the data store"

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Machine decisions: not better than human decisions - but faster

Talk in English

Today, deep learning and analytics is mentioned in every other sentence. And it is true: machine learning has tremendous value creation potential. In this talk, Dr Asli Yaman explains how machine learning is used to increase productivity. By leveraging the recorded history of decisions taken by humans, the machine learning approach enables replication of these decisions, thus paving the way for automation.

The talk outlines this innovative approach and discusses the challenges. Paradoxically, innovation can be concealed within seemingly boring topics.

Dr Asli Yaman, Senior Consultant, D ONE

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Digitize the data store

Talk in English

Although data is the driving force behind digitization, data warehousing in the enterprise still relies on outdated practices. These data stores are often characterized by overarching artificial complexity, lack of agility, high costs, and slow time to market.

In this talk, Ruben Wolff discusses how rethinking architecture and automation can lead to lower development and maintenance costs, reduce lead time for changes and free up resources to focus on delivering value.

Ruben will present a real-life case from a European health insurance, and will explain the simplification process, the challenges encountered and the benefits of the resulting design.

Ruben Wolff, Consultant, D ONE

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