commonsense 17/01: "Advanced analytics in health insurance" and "Renewable energies"

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Key success factors in advanced analytics: Learnings from analytical projects in health insurance.

Talk in German

In health insurance, as in virtually every industry, data is becoming ubiquitous in all processes. Helsana, the largest health insurer in Switzerland, is applying advanced analytics to better understand its customers and is using analytical facts to replace previously used rules of thumb.

In this talk, Dr. Bernhard Brabec, Head of Customer Analytics, presents analytical use cases and methods that are improving customer understanding and discusses success factors in implementing advanced analytics.

Dr. Bernhard Brabec, Head of Customer Analytics, Helsana

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Renewable energies meet big data: how to make volatile renewable power production predictive.

Slides in English, Talk in German

As in many other industries, digitalization is a game changer in the energy sector. Decentralized production from wind and solar sources will have the lion?s share in the future, both with a highly volatile profile. In order to create a fully decarbonized energy system, renewables need to become a lot more predictive and more efficiently integrated into consumption patterns, power markets and grid infrastructure.

In this presentation, Bernhard Brodbeck, founder and CEO of WinJi AG, explains how to use data to cope with the challenges in the energy sector and presents the "true power" solution, a technology-agnostic real-time platform for renewable power. With real-life use cases, he demonstrates how value is created through data driven analytics and prediction.

Bernhard Brodbeck, founder and CEO, WinJi AG

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