commonsense 16/02: "E-Bike Sharing" and "Transformed The Way One Health Insure"

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A Data Driven Business Model For E-Bike Sharing

Slides in English, Talk in German

Connected Mobility, Track and Trace, Internet of Things are common buzzwords. To properly understand this field of data-driven projects, Die Mobiliar has created a new business model for sharing E-Bikes that leverages bike position and user behaviour insights. Following a successful pilot involving its employees, it is now opening the scheme to consumers in Zurich this autumn.

In this talk, Jana Lév explains how the business model was developed in collaboration with D ONE using the data collected during the various pilot schemes.

Jana Lév, Innovation Managerin, Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG

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Data-Driven Value: Use Cases That Have Transformed The Way One Health Insurer Does Business

Slides in English, Talk in German

As in other industries digitization in health insurance is data-driven. By connecting information about insured members, providers, doctors and treatments, for instance, it enables insurers to improve provider management,fraud investigation, as well as efficiency in claims processing and underwriting.

In this talk, Marco Roehrle explains and demonstrates use cases that have changed the way Daman, the largest single-carrier health insurer in the Middle East and a Munich Re brand - uses data to enhance its business decisions.

Marco Roehrle, Manager Intelligence, National Health Insurance – Daman

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