commonsense 16/01: "Applied Behavioral Economics" and "Data Driven Ad-Campaigns"

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Applied Behavioral Economics: Fact-checking intuitions and risky decision making

Incentives like competitive compensation are used in many different applications, often because managers intuitively assume that better results will emerge when such incentives are implemented. It turns out this assumption is not always true.

In this talk, Dr. Ryan O. Murphy demonstrates how behavioral experiments and data are used to identify situations and the drivers that inadvertently can create perverse incentives.

Ryan is a Visiting Professor at the Economics Department, University of Zürich.


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Data Driven Advertising Campaigns

Advertisement was one of the first industries to realize the value of the so-called "data exhaust" which is created when users surf the web. But making sense of this data remains a challenge, not the least because data is fragmented by channel.

In this talk, Moritz Schneider explains how Mediaschneider produces an uniform view and derives insights regarding running and planned campaigns, and thereby increases the value for its clients and their customers.

Moritz Schneider, Director Operations Interactive, Mediaschneider


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