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Why every insurer needs to become an information enterprise (Talk in English.)

Daman, with 3 million members the most important health insurance in Abu Dhabi, is transforming itself to an information enterprise for a simple reason: maintain competitive edge.

Linda van Dijk, the director of the intelligence department at Daman, explains the main success factors driving the transformation with real-life use cases. What are the value drivers? How are fraudulent claims detected? How can disease management be supported? What benefits are additionally required? And how to make transformation happen?

With the modern health regulations and the connection to Munich Re, Daman is a pioneer of modern data use in health.

Linda van DijkDirector IntelligenceNational Health Insurance Company - Daman

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From customer-value to future-value models: increased sales efficiency for insurances

Customer-value​-model​s are a time-honoured approach to increase the insurance sales efficiency. As important is the future value: what does a former customer spending tell us about future business opportunities?How can we predict when a customer will buy what?

Rainer Valentin ​a​nd Oliver Fritsch ​from Baloise Insurance ​discuss the path from customer-value to future-value models and show how the customer loyalty can be improved with tailored cross- and upselling approaches.

Rainer Valentin Board of directors, Sales & Marketing Baloise Insurance

Oliver FritschData Analyst, Research & DevelopmentBaloise Insurance

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