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Big Data at Google: Processing a Trillion Cells per Mouse Click

When working with BI analysis tools, it is not uncommon for 10-20 charts to be updated with a single mouse click. The data needs to be re-calculated and updated quickly and accurately. But what happens after the mouse click? Google processes billions or even trillions of records to find the right answer - in real time. PowerDril - a tool that Dr. Alexander Hall has designed and developed - is used for that purpose. Dr. Hall will guide us through the column-based database approach of PowerDrill and will demonstrate live how the tool is used at Google to detect ad-spam. (Talk in English.)

Dr. Alex Hall, Staff Software Engineer, Google

Presentation, click here.

Worldwide BI Competency Center of UBS

UBS is currently implementing their group-wide BI Competency Center (BICC). Among the objectives of the BICC are the efficient delivery of management information, the continuous increase of the BI usefulness and value as well as the alignment with the business strategy. But how is this done? What are the challenges that need to be overcome? What are the success factors and the stumbling blocks? Andy Meier will present how the BICC is organized, what services it provides, how the BI technology strategy has been defined and how it will shape the future BI tool landscape of the bank.

Andy Meier, Head UBS BICC Consulting Services

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