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Revolution in health care in Abu Dhabi with a data-driven approach. A field report.

Abu Dhabi has shaped its health sector using an innovative data-driven approach. At the core is a fast-paced and standardized data exchange. Dr. Philipp Vetter discusses approach, results (like robust capacity planning and the world-fastest DRG introduction) and lessons learned from this initiative.

Dr. Philipp Vetter, Director of Strategy Health Authority Abu Dhabi, 2007-2012

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Freeing data from silos: how the transformation to a data-driven organization can be achieved?

In many companies key data is trapped in different and often legacy systems. This considerably hampers the competitive advantage derived from the use of this data. Harro M. Wiersma shows how PostFinance optimizes its IT landscape for data use with a novel approach and modern technologies.

Harro M. Wiersma, M.Sc.Head of Data Warehouse, PostFinance

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