On Shoulders of Giants - Xmas Data Story

Lukas Hefti

For this year's Christmas card, we did two things:

1. We created a timeline and overview of great inventions: see them all here:


2. We took a close look at Generative AI (GenAI), the next big thing.

Here's what we found:

GenAI is one of the fastest growing internet products, growing its user base significantly faster than major platforms like Facebook, Twitter & co.

Fast growing

GenAI created as many pictures in one year, as photography did in 150: 15.5 Billion images. The sheer quantity of content that can be created is a game changer.

An MIT study found: workers who can use GenAI are 40% faster AND create better quality content than those who don't.

Finally, here's a use case:

We used GenAI to find places, people, and connections between them in Homer's Odyssey, so we know who knows who and who was where. Then we let GenAI create a timeline of events; Odysseus' journey. Finally, we asked it to take a closer look at a single entry: Troy. Below, you see the results.


If you have any questions regarding GenAI, let us know, we're happy to answer them!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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